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One aspect of the OER conferences that has emerged over the past few years is the conference social/activity programme.

No, we don’t just mean the Gala Dinner (but that is pretty good), but also the activities that take place during it. At OER13 we had crosswords, OER14 saw us building lego creations & OER15 got us popping balloons and finding picture clues that linked to themed OER repositories.

This year also has a couple of activities, one that takes place during the reception at the Gala Dinner and another which this year takes place throughout the conference and can be undertaken by both physical and virtual attendees.

We have developed what is known as a “bound”. Developed in Berlin, ActionBound is an app based treasure hunt / activity tool which allows participants to take part in “missions”, “quizzes” and other activities. Participants will be asked to take pictures, record videos, answer questions & even write a poem all around the theme of “open”. The app also has the ability to undertake geo-located tasks (although due to virtual attendees we will not use this feature).

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We have developed a range of activities for delegates to undertake, and once the “bound” has been completed then it is submitted to our online database for judging & scoring. As you would expect we have a number of donated prizes up for grabs (outlined below).

Prizes will be available for a variety of activities, including:

* Prize for best Gala Dinner “Selfie”.
* Prize for first completed “bound”
* Prize for the best video vox pop.
* Prize for the best image of Edinburgh (or other location).
* Prize for the best image representing “openness”.
* Prize for the best short poem about “being open”.
* Prize for best idea for fostering “open education”.
* The most points scored.

In readiness for the conference you can  download and install the ActionBound app from the Google Play Store & The Apple Store

The app will need a QR code to be scanned in order to start the “bound” and this will be available from the OER16 website and from the registration desk at the start of the conference. We really look forward to seeing your responses to the activities.

OER16 Conference Committee.

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