#OER16: a critical turn

.. I’ve been thinking about OER16 since the conference ended just over four weeks ago. I’m reflecting now not just through the lens of those few weeks but also the other conferences and workshops which I attended immediately afterward, namely the C-DELTA project in Cape Town and the Networked Learning #NLC2016 doctoral consortium and conference […] View Article

#OER16 – Friendly Faces

I’m loving this blog post about the recent OER16 Conference at Edinburgh on the ALT Site by the fabulous Frances Bell. I think it really captures the spirit of the Open Community and the friendly and warm welcome that I have been fortunate to receive since I have been involved. OER Friends …. love it …Filed under: […] View Article

Radio #Edutalk at #OER16: Catherine Cronin and David Kernohan in conversation

Catherine Cronin and David Kernohan in Conversation at OER16 Catherine Cronin and David Kernohan in conversation at #OER16. Recorded beside a rather noisy rack. I’ve made efforts to clean up. Catherine Cronin (@catherinecronin) | Twitter catherinecronin | learning | reflecting | sharing David Kernohan (@dkernohan) | Twitter FOLLOWERS OF THE APOCALYPSE – Purity * Truth * […] View Article