OER16 Actionbound Instructions

As part of OER16 we invite you to take part in our treasure hunt. If you need more encouragement than it just being fun there are prizes which will be awarded at the break on Wednesday at 3pm in the Pentland room at the conference venue. You don’t need to be at OER16 to participate and to get involved firstly you will need to download the “Actionbound” App from either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Actionbound appOnce you open the App you will see a number of tiles.

To start the “bound” please select the “Scan Code” Option.

The app should start your camera & then you should scan the QR code below to get started:

Actionbound QR Code SCAN ME TO START

The BoundThe bound will open on to the starting page (seen here).

Read through the information & scroll down to find the “start bound” button.

The first task will be to enter your name & then click on “let’s go”.

You are now in the “bound” & should see a page which indicates the prizes on offer!

Please follow the on-screen instructions until you get to the list of “stations”.

(n.b. Depending on your phone screen resolution you may need to scroll on activity pages too).

Choose stationThe bound activities are themed around activity type. You can click on each of the arrows to the right of the station title to undertake activities.

Each activity will require a different action (e.g. enter text, answer quizzes, add an image or add a video).

get stationsAt any point in the app you can get back to the “stations” by using the back button (Green arrow) or the Drop down menu (yellow arrow).

Bound progressAs you progress through the activities you will be able to monitor your progress on the station selection page (indicated by the grey progress bar for each activity theme).

Once you have completed all of the activities you can then press “Finish Bound”.
Activity noticeIf you have not completed any of the activities you will get a notice like this.

image00Once you are happy to proceed you can then start the process of uploading your completed bound. (Please note you will need an internet connection & this may take a little bit of time depending on the size of your images (a progress bar will be visible.)

image02Once completed you will be presented with the screen that will have this on it. (Titled “DONE”).

Then that’s it – just wait to see if you have won a prize.

If you get stuck or need help please visit the OER16 Registration Desk

ALT would like to thank Simon Thomson (@digisim), the architect behind the OER16 Actionbound

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