Catherine Cronin

Catherine CroninCatherine Cronin is an educator and researcher at the National University of Ireland, Galway. She has worked as an open educator for many years, notably in #ct231 and iCollab (2011-2014), a globally networked community of students and lecturers [sic] exploring mobile and social media, digital literacies/identities, and participatory curriculum development.

Catherine’s work focuses on open education, formal/informal learning, digital and network literacies, and digital identity practices; she also has done research in the area of gender and technology. Catherine is currently working towards a Ph.D. exploring the use of open educational practices in higher education. She writes and shares her work openly, most recently collaborating with Vivien Rolfe on the GoOpen wiki. Catherine has been a keynote speaker at several recent conferences including ALT-C 2014, Irish Learning Technology Association (ILTA) EdTech, ICT in Education, and eAssessment Scotland. You can find out about what Catherine is up to on Twitter @catherinecronin and on her blog (and occasionally on Medium).

Catherine is a New Yorker living in Galway, has postgraduate degrees in engineering and women’s studies, and has taught in the community and higher education in both Ireland and Scotland. She lived and worked in central Scotland for several years and looks forward, as always, to being back in Edinburgh for OER16.