Subhashish Panigrahi


programme Officer
Access to Knowledge
Centre for Internet and Society

Educator; free knowledge evangelist, community builder and liaison, columnist and author, public speaker in various free and open source software, and language activism and language policy debates. Program design for higher education pedagogic models using Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects as a tool at Wikimedia Foundation’s India Program in the past and currently at the Centre for Internet and Society‘s Access To Knowledge program (CIS-A2K). Involved in catalyzing growth of South Asian language Wikimedia projects and communities, building partnership with cultural (primarily galleries, libraries, archives and museums, or shortened as GLAM) institutions, universities, language research organizations, state and federal higher education departments and individuals, bringing more scholarly and multilingual encyclopedic content related language, culture and history under free licenses since 2008. Long time Wikipedian, spearheaded India’s first GLAM project and coined the concept of Guerrilla GLAM. Columnist for several newspapers and magazines, blogs on Open Access, GLAM and free knowledge initiatives, translator, serving as a member of the OpenGLAM Working Group, current ambassador for India in OpenGLAM Local, Global Voices author and lingua editor for Odia, part of the Mozilla L10n (Odia) team, contributes to Mozilla Firefox and OS localization. Involved with many other open source and open knowledge initiatives.