April 2016: University of Edinburgh

OER16: Open Culture

April 2016, University of Edinburgh, UK

Scottish education has a distinctive and highly regarded tradition of openness, social inclusion and widening participation, together with historic universities founded as great civic institutions.  Over the past four years Scotland has seen a surge of engagement in open education and a considerable number of open education initiatives have emerged at institutional, sector and national level.  Building on this cross sector engagement the University of Edinburgh is looking forward to hosting the OER 16 conference in Scotland for the first time since its inception in 2010.

The University of Edinburgh has a long tradition of openness and civic engagement; in 1869 it was the first university in the UK to allow women, the Edinburgh Seven, to study medicine, and in 1905 it founded the Edinburgh University Settlement, which brought “graduate and undergraduate face to face with the working man to unite their energies for the common social good.”

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