Have you got your ticket yet? (help us make an #oer16 promo poster)

Update: @cogdog steps up to the plate and gives us a #ds106 daily create and we now have three new tickets  thanks to @mdvfunes, @twoodwar and @cogdog. We’ve tweeted these out so you can RT, Like, click your favourite (… 4 tickets see @mdvfunes post):

Update 2: And there is more … we’ve created this dedicated page of promo tweets

Last week we experimented with a Twitter campaign ‘the #oer16 ticket’. We used the same image but three different messages:

All three performed very similarly:

Tweet 1: Impressions 2,842

Total engagements 45
Retweets 17
Link clicks 15
Media engagements 6
Likes 3
Email shares 1
Hashtag clicks 1
Detail expands 1
Profile clicks 1

Tweet 2: Impressions 2,114

Total engagements 26
Retweets 9
Link clicks 7
Media engagements 3
Likes 2
Profile clicks 2
Replies 1
Hashtag clicks 1
Detail expands 1

Tweet 3: Impressions 2,111

Total engagements 49
Detail expands 21
Retweets 12
Likes 5
Link clicks 5
Profile clicks 5
Follows 1

If you think you can beat these stats why not come up with your own #OER16 promo poster and share with @oerconf  and we’ll see how it does. The prize if you win is the satisfying feeling of knowing you are awesome.

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