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John Scally (@scallyjj) from National Library of Scotland joins the #oer16: open culture speaker line up

We are delighted to announce that Dr John Scally Chief Executive and National Librarian at the National Library of Scotland (NLS) will be speaking at #OER16: Open Culture. John recently launched ‘The way forward: 2015-2020’, which lays out the path to turn the NLS into a digital destination making it’s 24 million items accessible online over the next 10 years:

It will be a gateway to information on Scottish culture and history that will allow millions of people to view unique documents including manuscripts of major Scottish writers such as Robert Burns and Walter Scott, fascinating official reports on many subjects, thousands of films on life in Scotland, and — bringing things up to date — memorabilia from last year’s referendum on Scottish independence, among many others. – NLS Press Release

We look forward to John sharing how this mammoth task which is currently the biggest endeavor of it’s kind in Europe is being tackled. If you haven’t submitted a proposal for OER16 there is still time with submissions closing on the 30th November with registration opening early in the year year. Stay tuned for more speaker updates next week, you can subscribe for updates via email or RSS from the sidebar box.

John Scally


john-scallyDr Scally holds a BA (Hons) in English and Modern History from the University of Strathclyde, a PhD in History from the University of Cambridge and a Diploma in Information and Library Studies from Aberystwyth University, he started his library career in 1993 when he was appointed as a curator in the British Antiquarian Division at the National Library. He joined the University of Edinburgh 10 years later as Director of University Collections and Deputy Director of Library, Museums and Galleries.


In September 2015 John launched ‘The way forward: 2015-2020’ the National Library of Scotland (NLS) digital strategy through which centuries of knowledge and learning are to be made available online under major plans to turn Scotland’s premier library into a global digital destination. The NLS plans to put a third of its renowned collection of 24 million items online in the next 10 years in one of the biggest programmes of its kind anywhere in Europe. ‘Our role is to be the guardian of the published and recorded memory of Scotland for current and future generations. Our aim is to make the knowledge held within our collections as widely available as possible.’

At OER16 John will outline the range of approaches NLS is taking in opening up access to cultural resources and discuss the challenges for leadership in this area at a national level. Libraries in Scotland have always played a vital role in the education and cultural development of the nation,The National Library of Scotland is a key national collection of international renown. John plans to make the National Library a multimedia hub for learning, research and inspiration.


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